Top Authentic Native American Drum Accessories

Top Authentic Native American Drum Accessories

  • June 28,2021
  • Tachini Drums

Native American drums are sacred and precious instruments. If you own one (or are interested in owning one), you likely understand the importance of treating it with the utmost care and respect.

But if you want to care for your drum properly, you’ll need quite a few supplies. You need the tools to clean it, oils to moisturize it, a safe way to transport it, and more. This might seem like a lot, but drums require less maintenance than you’d think. And by doing the small amount of maintenance that is required, you can prolong the life of your drum and enhance its sound.

There’s one more step to treating your drum with care and respect. This step involves helping it produce the best sounds possible. The right kind of beater will help your drum reach its full potential.

If you’re looking for accessories and supplies for your hand, powwow, or shaman drum, here are some of the top authentic Native American drum accessories to add to your checklist. Read on to learn why they’re essential and worthwhile items to have.


A beater isn’t a required accessory—you can always play your drum with your hands. But you might want to consider getting one anyway. Why? There are two main reasons why using a beater is beneficial.

It decreases the strain on your hands, for one. Beating a drum can be exhausting. Using your hands can make this worse. If you’re using your hands to play, don’t be surprised if your fingers or palms start to ache after a while. A beater will absorb some of the strain of hitting the drum, making your musical endeavors much more comfortable.

The second benefit of using a beater is that it’s an easy way to tinker with the sound of your drum. Depending on the material, weight, shape, and size of the beater, you can produce different volumes and tones. You can consider having more than one beater on hand so you can experiment with the widest range of sounds possible.

Drum Stand

If you have a drum that’s on the larger side, a stand is a must-have accessory. It provides you with a place to set your drum as you play.

You shouldn’t set your drum down onto grimy floors, grass, or rough terrain, because these surfaces can make your drum dirty or even damage it—meaning scratches, bumps, dents, you name it. Using a stand is a protective measure that helps keep your drum in good condition.

It’s also convenient. Stands will give your drum a boost in height, making it possible to sit or stand when playing as opposed to kneeling on the ground. This way, you can choose the position that feels the most comfortable and natural to you.

Travel Case

The next top authentic Native American drum accessory is a travel case. A travel case is a protective case that can hold your drum during your travels or even when you’re storing it away. A high-quality case will protect your drum from moisture, scrapes, heat, and other factors that can cause damage, such as insects or bumpy car rides.

You can buy cases in a variety of designs, from plain to creatively decorated, and even get special kinds with straps that make carrying your drum from place to place a breeze. Placing your drum inside of a case whenever you’re not using it will preserve the quality and boost its longevity, meaning you can enjoy the wonderful, melodious sounds it produces for longer.

Cleaning Supplies

As with most instruments, your drum can benefit from the occasional cleaning. Luckily, the process of cleaning and moisturizing your drum is simple. It’s also something you won’t have to do very often, as long as you’re taking measures to keep your drum in good condition.

To clean your drum, wipe it down with a damp cloth—preferably microfiber. For moisturizing, you only need your hands. Rub them on your face and then massage the drumhead in a slow, circular motion. The natural oils from your skin will moisturize the rawhide.

However, you may want to use a different kind of moisturizer instead. Saddle soap and beef tallow are good options for moisturizing the head and lacing. These products tend to work better than the oils from your skin. To keep your drum clean and in prime playing condition, make sure to grab a suitable cloth, oils, and soap!

Repair Tools

Authentic Native American drums are made from high-quality materials that should last a long time without breaking. But that doesn’t mean these instruments are invincible. If you play your drum frequently, neglect to maintain it, store it incorrectly, or accidentally drop it, the frame or head could become damaged.

If your drum is damaged, you have two options: have it repaired by a professional or repair it yourself. Prefer to repair your drum yourself? You’ll need to make sure you get the right supplies.

You won’t typically have to face a drum that’s beyond saving. You can usually replace old and worn parts with newer alternatives. If the head of the drum is falling apart but the frame is in good condition, you can re-head it with rawhide of your choosing. Keep in mind that different kinds of rawhide have different qualities—goat and buffalo aren’t the same. If the frame is damaged, take off the head, resoak the rawhide, repair the crack with wood glue or wood putty, and then re-head the drum. If the frame is damaged beyond repair, you can replace it with a new frame that has the same proportions as the broken one and reuse the original rawhide. You can replace broken lacing as well.

Always make sure to choose natural, high-quality materials for your replacements. This will maintain the quality and authenticity of your Native American drum.

If you’re searching for authentic accessories and supplies for your authentic Native American drum, Tachini Drums has masterfully crafted Native American drum supplies for sale. Let us connect you with the heartbeat of Mother Earth today!

Top Authentic Native American Drum Accessories

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