The Significance of Native American Drum Materials

When it comes to Native American drums and percussion, the materials used to make these instruments are as important as the function they provide. Native American tribes took the process of drum making seriously, as the responsibilities associated with playing these instruments were—and are—afforded high honor. The significance of Native American drum materials is found in the precise, personalized requirements for any one drum. Read about four key elements of this below.

Connection With Nature

Many individuals associate Native American tribes with adoration for nature; indeed, this extends to Native American drum materials. The Native American way of life is profoundly in touch with what nature offers, which is why the core materials are so specific. Rawhide lacing from animals like deer, elk, and bison is integral to the Native American belief that an animal’s spirit lives on in the drum.

Given a Sacred Status

Another fact many people don’t know about Native American drums is that they bear sacred status. In addition to honoring the part nature plays in creating the drums, tribes developed important handling procedures. Every drum is regarded as a culturally vital object that only the sober-minded can play or touch. Drums must be grasped by the sides only, and no player or member of the tribe should ever reach across a drum.

Reverence for All Life

When a Native American drum is played by tribesmen, it is the culmination of multiple stages of preparation. In addition to respecting the animals’ lives that went into the drum and drum etiquette, players are expected to have extensive song familiarity and professional manners. This reverence for all life and social interaction—from the raw animal byproducts that make the drum to how it is carried and played—is a hallmark of Native American drumming.

Emphasis on Personal Craftsmanship

Anyone can go online and buy a percussion item that is mass produced and doesn’t offer any personal characteristics. That is not the case here at Tachini Drums! The significance of Native American drum materials leveraged for our products includes the fact that we hand pick our supplies. We see every drum as a distinct piece of art—it’s a gift or purchase that carries a life of its own.

If this post inspired your curiosity about Native American drums even more, you’re in the right place! Tachini Drums sells many kinds of handcrafted percussion items and accessories. If you have any specific questions before ordering, please contact us here.

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