How Powwow Drums Are Made

How Powwow Drums Are Made

  • May 24,2021
  • Tachini Drums

The powwow drum is a kind of Native American instrument that has a striking appearance and a resounding voice. Like many other types of Native American instruments, it’s used to communicate with Mother Earth, the Creator, and other spirits and gods during ceremonies and celebrations. If you’re interested in learning more about the powwow, the powwow drum, and about how powwow drums are made, read on.

What Are Powwows?

A powwow is a celebration in which people from various tribes gather to dance, sing, socialize, and celebrate their Native American heritage and culture. They’re multifaceted events, featuring everything from dancing competitions and food and craft vendors to drumming and singing.

Drums play a central role at powwow celebrations. Almost every powwow will feature a sea of drums, but one drum at the celebration is regarded as more important than the rest: the host drum. The host drum is the lead drum of the powwow. It’s used during the Grand Entry, Flag Song, Veterans Song, and Retreat Song.

What Are Powwow Drums?

A powwow drum is a massive, multiuser drum made from wood and rawhide. Many tribes claim that the powwow drum was introduced to the people by a mysterious woman whose spirit now resides inside all powwow drums. The drum itself is always treated with respect and utmost care. It’s renowned for its ability to bring peace, happiness, and balance to everyone who hears its sound. At powwow events, powwow drums are often played in groups of eight or more. People gather around the drum in a circular formation and then rhythmically and measuredly beat the head as they sing.

How Are Powwow Drums Made?

So, how are powwow drums made? The frame of the powwow drum is made from wood, normally a local variety or cedar. The wood is carved, heated, and bent into the correct shape—a circle, to symbolize the aptly named Circle at powwows. Most powwow drums feature a base that’s roughly twenty inches in diameter.

Once the frame has been made, the hide is prepared. The head of the drum is covered with buffalo, cow, or deer hide, depending on the tribe. This cured rawhide is measured, cut, soaked, and then stretched over the frame before being secured.

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