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Handmade Native American Drums and Supplies for Sale

Welcome to Tachini Drums, the online home of multiple handmade Native American drums and supplies for sale. For over 20 years, we have been selling authentic Native American drum products in traditional designs with materials from trusted suppliers. Whether you’re looking for Native American percussion items for educational purposes, community events, musical arrangements, or your own personal enjoyment, we welcome your interest. From powwow drums and hand drums to drum accessories and supplies, Tachini Drums carries it all. Browse our handmade Native American drums and supplies for sale below, or contact us if you have any specific questions. Allow us to bring the wisdom of the ancestors and the heartbeat of Mother Earth to you!

Masterfully crafted Native American drums and drum related products.
We are a Native American and family owned small business.

All of our sales support language revitalization efforts. Our master drum maker devotes his time to Salish language research and curriculum development. Check out his 2010 Salish Language Dictionary.


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