Native Inspired Vs. Authentic Native American Drums

Buying a product as significant as a Native American drum ought to be given the attention it’s due. Handcrafted goods are personal—both for the person making it and the person buying it. This is why it’s so crucial to understand the difference between Native-inspired and authentic Native American drums. Since the 1930s and 1940s, mainstream culture and businesses have represented a wide variety of products as genuine when that is not often the case. Continue reading to discover practical, simple ways to know if a Native American product you’re looking at is the real deal.

How The Product Is Described

One of the simplest and fastest ways to know if you’re shopping authentic Native American products is how the products are described. Is there an about page or company history profile that talks about who is making the goods? Does the company owner or product manufacturer describe the goods as Native American “style” or “Native inspired”? If so, these kinds of products are not authentic Native American goods.

There are many reasons businesses sell products with these labels. One reason is that it’s a cheap, disingenuous way of capturing consumers’ interest in products like this without producing the real thing. If you come across a good that’s Native American style but it’s not from individuals of Native American descent, think twice before buying it.

How The Product Is Made

Another way you can tell if you’re looking at authentic Native American drums is who makes them and how they are made. If a product is genuine, the people or business making them will be comprised of individuals bearing authentic Native American ancestry. The business owner’s ethnicity will be of Native American descent if the drums are real; it will be of another ethnicity if they are inauthentic.

How The Product’s Value Is Represented In Cost

One method that’s less often utilized but just as practical is assessing the cost of the item you want to purchase. Cheaper items are often a reflection of being low quality or not genuine. This is because cheap goods can be mass-produced on a factory line or assembled with little work beforehand. If you’re looking at items of greater value, the cost should reflect this. You can be confident the latter type of drums and products are genuinely made with authentic methods and materials.

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