19″ (48cm) Buckskin Powwow Drumstick Beater

19″ (48cm) Buckskin Powwow Drumstick Beater


Authentic powwow drum beater/drumstick. Made for use with large powwow drums.

  • 19″ (48cm) length.
  • Smoked brain-tanned buckskin head and handle.
  • Oak wood stick.


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This 19″ (48cm) authentic handcrafted powwow drum beater/drumstick is a true expression of reverence and respect for the natural world. Each beater is made with thought and care, using the ancient wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors. The head and handle of the beater is made from the highest quality smoked brain-tanned buckskin, securely fastened to a strong and resilient oak wood stick with sinew. A beautiful and powerful tool to create Mother Earth’s heartbeat. Created for use with powwow drums.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 2 × 2 in

Un-Fringed, Fringed


Unembellished, Colored Yarn, Beaded


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