Ways To Support Native American Businesses

Ways To Support Native American Businesses

  • January 20,2021
  • Tachini Drums

Historically, Native populations have faced serious challenges starting and maintaining small businesses. Despite owning an impressive portion of small businesses, these businesses struggle to drive higher income and more employment for their communities. On top of that, the economic impacts of COVID-19 on Native-owned businesses have been harsh. More than ever, Native-owned businesses need your support. There’s more than one real, practical, and meaningful way to support Native American businesses, but one of the easiest, most effective ways is to purchase their products. Let’s check out some tips for finding, purchasing from, and promoting Native-owned businesses.

Know How To Avoid Non-Authentic Products

A surprising number of non-Native businesses falsely label their products as Native-made. Under the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990, this practice is illegal, but it’s still harrowingly prevalent. The dishonesty of these businesses takes away from actual Native business owners and freelancers.

There are a few ways to tell non-authentic products from real ones. If the seller is following the law, any non-authentic goods will be labeled as “Native American-style.” A real Native artist will label their goods without the style tag. A real product might be marked as authentic or genuine, or it may list the artist’s tribal affiliation in the product name or description.

But not every seller follows the law. If you’re not sure about a product’s authenticity, you can usually tell a genuine product from a fake one by examining the craftsmanship. If it looks shoddy, it’s probably fake. An actual Native American seller can provide you with a certificate of authenticity. If a seller refuses to give you anything but their word, steer clear.

Search Online or Shop in Stores

You can find Native American businesses online or locally. If you’re shopping online, Etsy is a great place to find Native American artists and craftspeople. Looking for a business with its own domain name? Reference online directories during your search. Directories are great for finding businesses in and around your area, as well.

Find Something for Everyone in The Family

If you don’t need anything for yourself, considering buying Native-made products as a gift for someone else in your life. There’s a wide variety of products to choose from, including custom paintings, instruments, clothing, accessories, and even home and garden goods. You can get baby moccasins for a friend that’s expecting or a drum for your history and music-loving brother. Does your mom have a candle obsession? A handmade beeswax or sage smudge candle is a great way to make her smile. Have a dad that loves to eat? Why not get him some authentic buffalo jerky to munch on?

Promote Their Products

Another way to support Native American businesses is to promote their products. While not necessary, promoting products after you buy them is a great way to spread the word about smaller, Native-owned businesses. If you like what you’ve bought, tell your family and friends or post a shout out on social media. By highlighting Native-made products and Native-owned businesses, you’ll drive traffic to their sites and help them make additional sales.

Tachini Drums has authentic, masterfully crafted Native American drums and drum supplies, including Native American drum beaters for sale, that would make a perfect gift for you or a loved one. Come check out our wide selection of products and let us help connect you to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

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