The Significance of the Drum Circle

The Significance of the Drum Circle

  • November 24,2020
  • Tachini Drums

Drums are important to Native American culture. The beating of a drum resembles the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The sound is said to improve people’s moods, restore balance, promote healing, and provide a connection with the spirits.

For similar reasons, drum circles play a considerable role in Native American culture and ceremonies. They can be a fun recreational activity or intended as a means of spiritual guidance. If you’re interested in learning more about the significance of the drum circle in Native American culture, keep reading.

What Are Drum Circles?

A drum circle is a gathering of people who play hand drums and other percussion instruments while standing or sitting in a circular formation. The gathering can range from a handful of players to thousands of participants and usually includes people of all ages and genders. There’s no experience necessary. Drumming circles can take place anywhere. You might see them indoors, at a holistic fair, or outdoors at a powwow.

The Types of Drum Circles

There are two main types of drumming circles: community and facilitated. Community drumming is completely free form. It’s open to the public and usually improvised on the spot. Facilitated drumming is another form of group drumming. In this style, there’s a leader, often referred to as a facilitator or conductor, that guides the entire process.

What Instruments Can You Use?

While the main instrument used in drumming circles is the hand drum, other percussion instruments such as rattles, bells, or other types of drum are also common. Bongos, guiros, maracas, talking drums, taikos, and so on are all welcome at drumming ceremonies. The Native American frame drum, often used for journeying, is a popular choice. At powwows, people gather around a large, central drum, referred to as the host drum. Powwow drums are bigger than other types of drum and can be played by multiple people at once.

Shamanic Drumming

It’s important to understand the significance of the drum circle in shamanic healing and journeying. While drum circles have evolved into a fun cultural activity, they still retain some of their spiritual roots. One form of drumming circle, the shamanic drumming circle, centers around Native American cultural drums and rattles. Rather than the culture’s musical aspects, it focuses on the spiritual.

The shamanic drumming circle is a facilitated circle, but instead of facilitating a musical event, the leader facilitates a shamanic journey. The drumming, considered a form of prayer or trance induction, is simple. The steady beat of the drum acts as a “lifeline” that helps the participants return to their ordinary consciousness.

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