Steam bent wood hand drum frames

Steam bent wood hand drum frames


Steam bent wood hand drum frames and hoops:

  • Solid hard wood bent into a circle
  • approx. 1/2″ (13mm) thick
  • lightweight and durable

The sacred circle, central in Native American culture, offers balance, strength, and durability. Build your next drum with a solid base, use our solid wood steam bent Native American hand drum frames.



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Tachini Drums’ steam bent hand drum frames and drum hoops are crafted with solid hard wood formed into a durable round shape. The circle is an important symbol in Native American culture. For this reason as well as for strength and durability we only use and recommend using round frames for Native American drums.

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Frame Diameter Size

8" (20cm), 10" (25cm), 12" (31cm), 14" (36cm), 16" (41cm), 18" (46cm), 20" (51cm), 22" (56cm), 24" (61cm)


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