How To Choose a Shamanic Drum

How To Choose a Shamanic Drum

  • October 16,2020
  • tachini
People all over the world play shaman drums—or spirit drums—to promote celebration and healing. These drums are one-sided hand drums that are portable and easy to play. Many people don’t realize they must consider a wide range of factors when it comes to purchasing a drum specifically for shamanic practices. If you want to learn more about how to choose a shamanic drum, continue reading.

Select a Drum Crafted from Strong Materials

Of course, your drum should boast a durable frame made from quality wood; regardless of how you hit the drum, it should be able to withstand hours of play. You’ll likely beat it in numerous ceremonies and in a multitude of conditions; therefore, you’ll need to invest in a drum constructed from materials that will last.

Determine Your Desired Size

You must also decide whether you’d like a lighter or heavier drum. Drums come in many different sizes; take our drums, for example—we offer various diameters, so you have plenty of options. However, keep in mind that the smaller the drum, the higher the pitch. Additionally, because you’ll need to position yourself properly to play your instrument, you should opt for a drum that will allow you to move freely. Think about your hands’ size as well as your height—this way, you can select a drum that’s most appropriate for you.

Consider Voice

Typically, shamanic work requires a drum with a low, resonant sound, so remember that a drum’s voice changes depending on the hide and other materials used to create the drum. Animal hide—whether it comes from buffalo, elk, horses, or moose—differs in texture and weight, and the type of wood also affects how rich the drum sounds. We recommend trying out a few drums before committing to one. Now that you’re more familiar with how to choose a shamanic drum, we’re certain you’ll be able to select the right one based on your preferences. Once you receive your drum, we encourage journeying, which provides you with the opportunity to meet your drum’s spirit and strengthen your relationship with the instrument. A meaningful connection will present you with many opportunities to get in touch with The Creator. If you’re unsure where to buy your drum, shop through us. Tachini Drums carries a wide selection of beautiful Native American shaman drums for sale. We specially craft these drums for ceremony and healing work, and customers can trust our products’ quality. In fact, we construct all our drums using techniques passed down from our ancestors. Let us bring you closer to Mother Earth.

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