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Tachini Drums' Sweat Lodge drums are created with repect and reverence for the animals and trees provided by the creator. The are small double or single headed drums. The wooden frames recieve 5 coats of water-based varnish to protect from moisture. Each drum has a unique voice depending on the individual characteristics of the animal hide. Hides are hand selected for aesthetics and quality to create a deep resonant sound. Shaman drums are made from elk hides and, depending on availability, buffalo, moose and horse hides. The larger a drum in diameter the greater resonance it will have.

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Authentic Native American Sweat Lodge Drums | 13", 14", 15", 16" drums | Elk, Buffalo, Moose, Horse
13" Sweat Lodge Drums
Sweat Lodge Drums
13"x5" Sweat Lodge Drum
14" Sweat Lodge Drums
14in Sweat Lodge Drum
14"x6" Sweat Lodge Drum
16" Sweat Lodge Drums16in Sweat Lodge Drum
16"x6" Sweat Lodge Drum
18" Sweat Lodge Drums
Sweat Lodge Drums
shown with custom artwork
18"x6" Sweat Lodge Drum
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