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Tachini Drums' round Native American powwow drum frame are created with prayer and reverence to the trees provided by the creator. All frames are handcrafted using thin alternating plies of maple wood to form into a round durable shape. The circle is an important symbol in Native American culture. For this reason and for strength and durability we only use and recommend round frames. The tension of the rawhide is evenly distributed when laced properly. Multi-sided drum have stress on the points making them susceptible to tearing. Our frames are very light weight compared to stave or log drum frames or shells.

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Maple wood Powwow drum frames. Many sizes available, call or email to order. 406-830-0808
Authentic Round Native American Powwow Drum Frames | 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36"
8" depth Frames 5/8" thick

8" depth powwow frames
12" depth Frames 5/8" thick
12" depth powwow frames
14" depth Frames 5/8" thick

14" depth powwow frames
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