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Tachini Drums' Native American Hand Drums are created with respect and reverence for the animals and trees provided by the creator. These Native American frame drums are built to withstand the rigors of competition drumming, stickgame, hand-game and/or drum circles. Whether its a hot summer day or a humid night our drums hold strong. Each Native American drum has a unique voice/sound depending on the individual characteristics of the animal hide. Hides are hand selected for aesthetics and quality to create a deep resonant sound. Our Native American Hand drums are made from elk hides and, depending on availability, can be made from buffalo, moose and horse hides. The larger a drum in diameter the greater resonance it will have.

Don't see the drum size you were looking for? Call us to get a quote on a custom made Native American drum.

"We love this drum. Design on the back is beautiful." - satisfied customer
Authentic Native American hand drums. Handcrafed by Native Americans.
Drum diameters in - 12", 13", 14" 15", 16" | in Elk, Buffalo, Moose, Horse hides
12" (30.5cm) Hand Drums
12"(30.5)x 2"(5.1) Hand Drum
14"(35.6cm) Hand DrumsNative American drum
14"(35.6)x 2.5"(6.4) Hand Drum
15"(38.7cm) Hand DrumsNative American Shaman Drum
15"(38.7)x 2.5"(6.4) Hand Drum
16"(41.1cm) Hand Drums
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16"(41.1)x 2.5"(6.4) Hand Drum
Call for availability of moose and horse hide drums
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