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Tachini Drums' Small Hands Drums are created with respect and reverence for the animals and trees provided by the creator. These smaller frame drums are built for small hands such as children or for individuals wanting a small drum. All the drums in this section weigh less than 2 lbs. These drums can be used for hours without exhaustion from the weight of the drum. Each drum has a unique voice/sound depending on the individual characteristics of the animal hide. Hides are hand selected for aesthetics and quality to create a resonant sound. Small Hands drums are made from elk rawhides and, depending on availability, can be made from buffalo, moose and horse hides. The small a drum in diameter the higher its tone will be. As with all of our drums we use our own round birch wood frames/hoops. The circle is an important symbol in many Native American cultures. Round frames distribute the tension of the hide uniformly (when laced evenly) compared to multi-angle/sided frames. As well round frames do not have stress points, a common area for tearing in multi-sided drums.

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10"x 2" Hand Drum
12"x2" Hand Drum

14"x 2 1/2" Hand Drum
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