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Tachini Drums' authentic drum beaters/drumsticks are created with reverance for the animals and trees provided by the creator. All beaters in this category are made with natural items for an authentic Native American drum beater. Each beater is created with smoked brain-tanned buckskin. The head and handle are fastened to the stick with real sinew. The wood is cherry, chokecherry or walnut. The chokecherry wood is obtained locally from dead trees. The options include a fringed handle, colored yarn embellishments, beadwork embellishments and/or metal cones attached to the fringe.

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Authentic Native American Drum Beater / Drumsticks | 16" brain-tanned buckskin handle and head
16" Beater without fringe or short fringe
16" Drum Beater
16" Drum Beater with fringe
16" Fringed Drum Beater
16" beater with Yarn
16" Yarn Embellished Drum Beater

16" Fringed Yarn Drum Beater
16" beater with Beadwork and embelished fringe

16" Beaded Drum Beater

16" Fringed with Metal cones Beaded Drum Beater
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