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Tachini Drums' powwow, community, council drum stands are created with prayer and reverence for the trees provided by the creator. All stands are handcrafted from white oak. Our stands are designed to be easily assembled. Once the two piece stand is assembled it is solid without any wobble or movement. There are is no hardware or tools needed for assembly or disassembly. The wood is finished with stain and varnish to enhance and protect the wood. Stands for drums of 8" to 16" depth can be made reversible. They can be set up for a sitting position or for a standing position. Let us custom build a stand for your drum.

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Free domestic shipping when included with an order of any 22" dia. or larger drum!
Authentic Native American Drum Stands for powwow, community and council drums of all sizes
Reversible drum stands made of solid oak
Oak drum stand

Easy assembly and disassembly!

Solid oak, no wobble when assembled.

Oak drum stand

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